Our team will work hard to earn your business…

 …and even harder to keep it!

As the leader in staffing solutions, National Recruiting Group’s goal is not to just fill holes in your staffing model, but to build a long-term relationship based upon an in-depth understanding of your unique business and staffing requirements.

In-depth understanding with industry experts

Our account executives focus exclusively on one industry – your industry.  Their first duty is to develop and create an in-depth profile of each client in order to guide our skilled recruiters in finding only the best and the brightest employees for your organization.  Our years of experience and industry expertise ensure the best possible fit!

Better employees

At National Recruiting Group, we know we are only as good as our field employees and candidates.  That is why we work continuously to recruit and qualify new talent.  Our standards are high, and we only select the best and the brightest.  Our ongoing recruitment campaign means that when your need arises, we don’t have to search for the best person – we select the best person.

We love what we do

We have the most highly skilled and motivated placement coordinators and account managers in the industry.  We are people driven and results oriented.  Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and we run our company using best practices.  With decades of experience, we love what we do, and we have partnered with thousands of customers across a wide range of industries to match them with the best and most qualified candidates.

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